The Divine Pause: Understanding the Significance of the Waiting Season

Ever been at a restaurant, say for fast-food, and you’re hit with the classic line, “Please grab a seat, your fries will be ready in 10 minutes.” Yes?


So, you find a seat and start counting down the seconds with your eyes glued to the person who is supposed to be cooking up your grub. You check your watch, and it’s been 15 minutes.


You’re still not called. You hiss. Your stomach is already staging a noisy protest. Then you start tapping your feet, impatiently. But the thing is, in all these, there’s no escape and you’d have to wait.


Now, the Divine Pause, much like this restaurant saga,  teaches us patience in the midst of anticipation. It reminds us that waiting, though challenging, often holds a purpose we may not immediately understand.

Just as you eventually received your crispy fries and juicy chicken breasts, the waiting season can yield something meaningful or unexpected in due time. So, as you tap your feet impatiently, remember that sometimes life’s delays have a divine reason.


 As someone whose greatest strength is not patience (I’m working on this fruit, trust me), I’m currently in my waiting season. And from experience, I’ve realized that God makes us wait for these reasons:

  1. To Prepare us for the Greater Good: Waiting can be a period of preparation. God often makes us wait to equip us with the necessary skills, knowledge, or strength needed for the blessings and opportunities He has in store for us.
  2. To Help us Grow Some Patience Muscles: This waiting period? It’s like a gym for our patience. It’s where we build up resilience and learn how to handle life’s curveballs.
  3. Building Capacity: During the waiting period, God helps us build emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity. This enables us to handle the responsibilities and blessings that will come our way in the future.
  4. To Understand Life’s Seasons: As seen in the header image, waiting reminds us that life operates in cycles and seasons. It’s a lesson in embracing the ebb and flow of life, understanding that some moments require patience and trust in God’s timing.
  5. Letting God Lead: Waiting allows us to relinquish control and let God take the lead. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best course of action is to trust in His plan and guidance rather than taking the wheel ourselves.

Lastly, if you’re knee-deep in your waiting phase, remember that God sees you, and He knows what you’re going through. So, hold on tight, keep the faith burning, and you’ll see a breakthrough. In addition, I believe that these lessons can help us get a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection with Him.

Stay prayed up, my friend.

6 thoughts on “The Divine Pause: Understanding the Significance of the Waiting Season”

  1. So true! Almost like being in a wilderness season and you just can’t wait to get out. I’ve realized that learning the purpose for these seasons will give us the right response strategy which will in turn make the journey not look so long, and in turn, we flourish in them, coming out refined. Cos being impatient and downright angry with the process ain’t gonna hasten it!
    Thank you Reen for reminding us that there’s always a divine purpose for the wait.

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