Blogmas Day Two: Little Miss Single Pringle-Part One

The McAvoys are having another private Christmas party this year, and most residents of Melrose Avenue look forward to getting invited. Their front yard looked so beautiful. The entire building was wired with incandescent lights, and the porch railings had artificial pine garlands and fairy lights tied to them. A Christmas wreath was also hung on the front door with a big red bow and red baubles- large and small- attached to it. A little away from the porch stood a realistic Santa Claus mannequin positioned in a way that looked like it welcomed you in. There were also lighted reindeers and Santa’s sleigh, placed in the snow.

Views expressed that relationships sprung up from this private event and also business partnerships. The previous year, Katie, also Nancy’s flatmate, got into a relationship with Anderson- one of the guests, whom she accidentally spilled Virgin Mojito on. Their relationship was like gold dust. But the dry humour in all of this was that Katie wasn’t a guest at the party but a waiter. Her employer from the bar where she worked her night shift had recommended her. 

Nancy was overjoyed to be invited to this lavish but private party this year. She badly wanted a story like Katie and Anderson’s, except that she wasn’t doing the white shirt, pants, and apron. She was going to wear an actual dress, which she thought made it better. 

Tonight was special for Nancy. She got her dusty pink cocktail dress and accessories two weeks before from Trendy Too, and her black Christian Louboutin pumps from Coco Blue. She also got a matching clutch bag. She got dressed, picked up her winter jacket from the coat rack, latched her apartment door, and stepped out.

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