Blogmas Day One: The Little Things That Made Christmas, Christmas

“I hope I didn’t leave anything out?” Shola asked her mother, biting on the pen cap as her eyes ran through the list. “So we’re getting spring onions, straw beans, carrots, green bell peppers, peas, kidney beans and sweet corn, right?” Shola asked. “Yes.” Iya Shola responded. “Buy efo shoko on your way too.” She added.


 It was Shola’s favourite season of the year-Christmas. There was something about it that she loved, regardless of the chaos that came with it. The weather was different. Harmattan had set in, the air was a dry mixture of cold and heat, and during early hours of the morning, the atmosphere was suffused with dense fog, one that could cause a dangerous condition on the road.


One could perceive the savoury smell of mixed vegetables infused in chicken broth a few meters from Shola’s house. Christmas fell on a Saturday, and Iya Shola had planned her menu for that day. It was Fried rice with properly seasoned fried chicken- from the ones she had nurtured since June in their backyard. Of course, not everyone would have fried rice. Some definitely loved swallow, so she added pounded yam and her signature efo elegusi, choked with assorted proteins. There were also bottles and cans of drinks to go with the food. Shola was thankful that her mother was a caterer. Apart from her magic hands, they always had enough to eat because she returned from work with food.


Their living room was moderately decorated. The 4ft Christmas tree that stood beside the television set had seen many seasons. Its branches were crooked, and dust had settled on its green, making it look somewhat discoloured. The multicoloured Christmas lights were hung on the curtain poles to form a W-shape. It had lost some bulbs and some lights were dim. Regardless, these were one of the things Shola and her siblings looked forward to every year.


Efo shoko(Yoruba) Nigerian spinach.

Efo elegusi– (Yoruba) Leafy vegetables cooked with ground melon seeds.

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  1. Haaaaa. Maureen why did you stop now 😭 It’s too short😂😂😂 This literally reminded me of my childhood so much! Pounded yam & efonwas for New Year’s, but you see that fried rice? Christmas 🥺🥺🥺 With jollof too. God abegggg I need to cook both asap🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣

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