Godly Friendships and a Sprinkle of Midwifery

Hi there, welcome to my blog! It’s the end of another week, and I am so excited to do this again. I also don’t mind you telling me how your week went in the comments; tell me everything! Mine was great, but I constantly felt this overwhelming physical tiredness that adequate sleep didn’t resolve. I do feel a lot better anyway.

So I know the title looks weird, but it’s not all that deep. It’s really not.



On Godly Friendships

Although, it is essential that we have friends that stay solid and show up in different departments of our lives, like finances, career, and personal development, having godly friends is also a priority. If you look at your list of friends, and none can help your growth and advancement in the faith, pray you out of a problematic situation, or intercede for you, you need to review that list again.



Before the year began, I told God I wanted to enjoy authentic, beautiful, and godly friendships. I prayed intentionally about it and took practical steps. I could feel the vacuum around that area of my life, so I kept pressing.



Fast-forward to now. I am thankful for the people God has blessed me with. I am also thankful He helped me reinforce other stale friendships.

This shows that God wants us to have beautiful friendships because it is one of His gifts to us.



On Midwifery

This is only to emphasize why friendships are generally important.

Often, we find it challenging to bring specific dreams to life alone. We might even have the drive but still face difficulty actualizing these dreams. If God doesn’t speak to you directly on how to go about it, He uses people, which is where your “midwife” friends come in. An idea from one person could be all it takes to birth your dreams. Yes, you own the baby (the dream/plan), but they could ease the delivery by bringing out the baby even as you push (helping you actualize them).


Now this is why I am really here: If you are someone seeking  meaningful and godly friendships;

  • Ask God.
  • Filter your friend list and severe ties with people who do not advance you as a person (don’t be sentimental).
  • Be a better friend (avoid always being at the receiving end).
  • Don’t just admire, reach out.

Thank you for stopping by!

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10 thoughts on “Godly Friendships and a Sprinkle of Midwifery”

  1. Juliana Nwazodoni

    This right here is just the truth. Friendships go a long way in influencing our lives. We need to be more deliberate about our friendships, and we also need to work on ourselves because friendship is two-sided. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I really love this write up, came across this exactly the right time. This is enough to guide and put me on the right track. Thank you 🤗

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